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Voicemail Guarantee Continued…At Direct Check Home Inspections Windsor, Ontario You can phone us anytime between 9am-9pm Seven days a week, including all holidays. So don’t delay, call Now! Should you get our voicemail, we’re likely conducting Home Inspections in Essex County (we’ll provide you with the same respect when we are doing a Home Inspection with you). We will return your call in 3 hours or less. If we do not return your call in 3 hours or less you will receive a $25 discount on your Home Inspection. If you are in the Windsor or Chatham Ontario area you can also text us your name and a short message and we will get back to you.

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Written by Dean White

Dean White

Dean White is a Certified Master (home) Inspector (CMI) and Owner of Direct Check Home Inspections and Thermal Imaging, servicing the Windsor to Chatham-Kent area. He specializes in Thermal Imaging (infrared), Home Energy efficiency and Mold and Radon testing.

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