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Drain cameras remove guesswork

Drain cameras remove guesswork – By feeding a small camera directly in the drain pipe we can view it on a TV monitor. Giving you exact details of the condition of your drain.

Not many home buyers request a Drain Inspection before purchasing a new home. Drain Inspections are not something most home purchasers consider. Most home buyers know they need a Home Inspection, yet drains are often overlooked, if it ever crosses the home buyer’s mind at all. Yet it’s one of the most critical parts of a home.

The effects of drain problems can be detrimental, bringing about crushing emotional circumstances for homeowners. Sewage waste can be extremely damaging to a home’s floors, electrical system, walls, and furniture, leading to thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Then there are the dangerous health effects on your family and pets.

This does not need to happen to you!

Drain Inspection

A Drain Inspection can save you thousands of dollars and give you peace of mind.

The time to be informed of the state of your potential new home’s drain is before purchasing a home, not when it’s too late. I recommend to all my clients that they have the drains inspected especially if the house is over 20 years old. After all, nobody wants to wake up to a backed up drain.

We offer discounted High Definition Video Drain Inspections to our clients within a limited area. Call or text us today for more information. 519-567-3326

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