How The Clients Feel Continued

How The Clients Feel Continued…“I could have wasted thousands of dollars. I saw the house, and it looked nice. I trusted the seller’s realtor who told me that what’s needed is just new flooring. I made an offer. Then I was all set, I got a gut feeling to hire a home inspector. I found Direct Check Home Inspections with an A+ BBB rating, plus a hi-tech thermal imaging tool (that also makes a big difference). Halfway thru the inspection the Inspector immediately called me to tell me that the house has serious problems. In the evening the completed Inspection report showed serious structural, roofing, electrical, plumbing, and other problems. I’m so happy for the reliable service I received from Direct Check Home Inspections. I saved not just thousands of dollars but also the serious regrets of buying a house that was not inspected and in need of major repairs. I avoided the depressing stress of moving into a house full of headaches. I am very glad that I picked Direct Check Home Inspections to perform my Inspection” Alan D., Windsor, Ontario.

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Written by Dean White

Dean White

Dean White is a Certified Master (home) Inspector (CMI) and Owner of Direct Check Home Inspections and Thermal Imaging, servicing the Windsor to Chatham-Kent area. He specializes in Thermal Imaging (infrared), Home Energy efficiency and Mold and Radon testing.

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